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The English did not know this as the so called Blitz carried on.

Londoners will however probably remember the 29th December as the worst night of the Blitz when Hitler ordered the largest air raid over London during he whole war. The whole of London seemed to be on fire and must surely disappear for ever. But the chaos just made the stoic Brits even more determined to fight to the now detested Germans. All of Africa at this time is ruled by one or other European country. In North Africa;.

WWII in Color Part 3: Britain at Bay

British Egypt is therefore surrounded by Axis countries and on 13 September in the middle of the Blitz the Italians in Libya invade Egypt. The Italian army cannot be compared with the Germans.

Britain, Switzerland, and the Second World War

Virtually all this merchant shipping needs to sail via the Atlantic Ocean. The Germans used both surface ships and submarines U boats to sink as many food and military supply ships as possible with devastating effect. The English adopted the convoy system merchant ships sailing in line with Battle Ships, Cruisers or Destroyers sailing along side to defend the convoy from U boat torpedoes. What saved the day for England was the development of Radar small enough to be carried both on ships and more particularly aircraft which solved the problem of detecting and locating the German attacking U boats at night.

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Into the storm: the horror of the second world war | From the Observer | The Guardian

The rows were explosive, the challenges enormous, but he led Britain through the war with unique assurance. By Dr Geoffrey Best. Why did Hitler believe that the East should provide lebensraum living space for the German people? By Jeremy Noakes.

Page 2 – Fighting for Britain

Churchill said that there was never a victory before it and never a defeat after it. How important was this epic victory? By Professor Richard Holmes. Has an obsession with the Allied landings in Normandy given a distorted view of the achievements of the Italian campaign?

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How meticulous planning, good luck and sheer guts ensured the success of history's largest amphibious invasion. By Duncan Anderson. How Operation Market Garden could have shortened the war by six months - and why it failed at the last moment. By Mark Fielder.

Labour's landslide in the general election remains one of the greatest shocks in British political history.