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Gerard Ramon Case

There are a wide range of other post fossilization factors that can change the color of a fossil. For example, cracks in the sediment running along the fossil, plant roots and animal burrows against the fossil, and even different sized substrates other than the normal sediment lying against the fossil can change the color on parts of the fossil. These complicating factors, and others, can give the fossil a beautiful multicolored appearance; it can give them a cloudy, speckled, and even a streaked appearance. Notice the speckled and cloudy patterns on these teeth. The center orange angustidens tooth has a white lightning type pattern running up the right side of the root and enamel.

Many layers in the famous Calvert Cliffs consists of Bluish and Greenish clays, mixed with brown sands and iron. Fossils shark teeth from these layers tend to have a mix of these colors, with dabs of brown, blue, and green. The Cretaceous shark tooth bearing formations in New Jersey are full of iron oxide, or rust.

The Peace River formation in Florida is chalk full of phosphate, a dense, black mineral. The fossils here are often a black color.

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The coastal rivers in South Carolina contains tannins. This gives the rivers a characteristic dark brown color Blackwater Rivers. The fossils from these rivers absorb these tannins and are often a dark brown color. However, the limestones and other sedimentsare a gray color, giving the fossil shark teeth a beautiful grayish yellow collor. Each site is broken into 2 pages.

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One has detailed information, such as directions, GPS coordinates, formation information, etc The other is dedicated to images of the site and the fossils found there. It also gives information on fossil 'viewing' sites such as dinosaur trackways, museums, and active excavations. This book is great for both beginning and expert fossil collectors. Beginners will find fossil hunting much easier with this book and experts will find it to be a great reference. Plus, my fossil photos are peppered throughout this book! Here is a link to my Review of the book. It explains what fossils are, how fossils form, and how they lived.

It is chalk full of spectacualr images of all kinds of fossils, and give the history of fossil discoveries. It's a must have book for any fossil enthusiast. This book is, again, a great resource book. It has a 34 page identification section in it! It's great if you are just getting started into fossil shark teeth. The organization makes identifying shark teeth and learning about them very simple.

They have a few sizes, styles, and colors.

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These are Authentic Megalodon teeth sold by Fossil Era , a reputable fossil dealer that I personally know who turned his fossil passion into a business. His Megalodon teeth come in all sizes and prices, from small and inexpensive to large muesum quality teeth. Each tooth has a detailed descriptions and images that include its collecting location and formation. If you are looking for a megalodon tooth, browse through these selections!

General Geology and Vertebrate Biostratigraphy of the Dunkard Basin

Your Guide to T rex. Your Guide to C. Megalodon - All the research is here! To learn about the Author of this site, click on the image - J. We don't buy or sell fossils, so please don't email us asking about the value of a fossil or fossil purchases. Toggle navigation. Shark Teeth Colors Modern shark teeth are white; recent shark teeth have white roots and white enamel.

So why are fossil shark teeth different colors?

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  6. Softcover booklet of 65 pages by Gerard Case, a very active amateur paleontologist. An excellent introductory guide to the hobby or pastime of fossil collecting.

    First describing what fossils are, the geologic record and how to collect, the book goes on to describe how to prepare and exhibit fossils, ties to professionals and museums, and recommended reading Many photos and illustrations, bibliography and list of the author's publications. Drafting technologist paleontologist.

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    Case, Gerard Ramon was born on December 22, in Brooklyn. With United States Navy, Back to Profile. Photos Works. Main Photo Add photo. School period Add photo. Career Add photo.

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    Awards Add photo. Other Photos Add photo. Other photo of Gerard Ramon Case. Connections Add photo. A Pictorial Guide to Fossils Until now, locating a reference that identifies and class Fossil sharks: A pictorial review Gives a description of shark tooth morphology and then ph Handbook of fossil collecting;: A pictorial guide to a fascinating hobby, Softcover booklet of 65 pages by Gerard Case, a very acti Achievements include research in genera and species of fossil remains; discovery of insects in amber, new genera and species of fossil fish, and a new order of fossil fishes, the Iniopterygians.