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Quickly becoming a global conflict, the French Revolutionary Wars saw France battling coalitions of European allies.

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This approach continued with the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte and the start of the Napoleonic Wars in Though France dominated militarily on land during the early years of the conflict, it quickly lost supremacy of the seas to the Royal Navy. The French Revolution was the result of famine, a major fiscal crisis, and unfair taxation in France.

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Captured at Varennes, Louis and the Assembly attempted a constitutional monarchy but failed. As events unfolded in France, its neighbors watched with concern and began preparing for war.

Napoleon’s Defeat at Waterloo

Early battles went poorly with French troops fleeing. Austrian and Prussian troops moved into France but were held at Valmy in September. French forces drove into the Austrian Netherlands and won at Jemappes in November.

Enacting mass conscription, the French began a series of campaigns which saw them make territorial gains on all fronts and knocked Spain and Prussia out of the war in Austria asked for peace two years later. Despite losses by its allies, Britain remained at war with France and in built a new coalition with Russia and Austria.

Why was Napoleon so Successful?

The fighting turned in with French victories at Marengo and Hohenlinden. It is impressively researched, intelligently presented, and makes an important fresh contribution to the study of the Revolution and Napoleonic Wars. University of Virginia Press P.

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Napoleon's 'Grande Armée' (1) -

Howard G. While the British became increasingly involved in the Peninsular War, Napoleon began planning a massive invasion of Russia. Having fallen out in the years since Tilsit, he attacked into Russia in June Combating scorched earth tactics, he won a costly victory at Borodino and captured Moscow but was forced to withdraw when winter arrived.

Rebuilding his forces, Napoleon won at Lutzen, Bautzen, and Dresden, before being overwhelmed by the allies at Leipzig in October Driven back to France, Napoleon was forced to abdicate on April 6, , and was later exiled to Elba by the Treaty of Fontainebleau. In the wake of Napoleon's defeat, members of the coalition convened the Congress of Vienna to outline the postwar world. Unhappy in exile, Napoleon escaped and landed in France on March 1, Marching to Paris, he built an army as he traveled with soldiers flocking to his banner.

The Seventh Coalition

Defeated by Wellington and the arrival of the Prussians, Napoleon escaped to Paris where he again was forced to abdicate on June Surrendering to the British, Napoleon was exiled to St. Helena where he died in Concluding in June , the Congress of Vienna outlined new borders for states in Europe and established an effective balance of power system that largely maintained peace in Europe for the remainder of the century. The Napoleonic Wars were officially ended by the Treaty of Paris which was signed on November 20,