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Kerrigan Applied Biology Dr Tajul Islam His love for his subject, enthusiasm and his impressive power point presentations! He taught me how to think outside the box. Very inspirational and professional teacher. Mohammed Bashir Islamic Studies Professor D W Jefferson - "His brilliance, depth of knowledge, and human kindness.

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David Jenkins - "Inspirational, great communicator, humourous, brilliantly academic. A deserved Bishop of Durham. David Jenkins - "Ten lectures meant to cover 2, years of church history. After ten still on 3rd Century due to David Jenkin's habit of departing from his script, saying something like "And this is the trouble with the Thatcher government"!

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Inspiring Academics Learning with The World s Great University Teachers

Jones - "Being an international student, her kindness and care for me really stood out and will always be something I carry to others too. Anyone who has Prof. Jones as their personal tutor will concur that they have the best personal tutor! Professor Jenny M Jones - "She walked me through the final lap of my degree and made sure I was making good progress, especially with my final year design project!

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Left a deep impression in my life! Professor Vivien Jones - " Dr Jones interviewed me, let me in, scared the living daylights out of me with her acuity; but then, when my confidence was failing on an essay, she made time to read the draft and encourage me. She remains a role model to this day. Thanks, Viven! Dr Ricky Kalliecharan - "Too helpful, relates to the students, nice style of teaching. Dr Ricky V Kalliecharan - "His style of teaching made the concepts stick in just the first time.

I have been truly inspired by him. Professor Andrew Keay - "The way he motivated the students; a perfectionist. Professor Andrew Keay - "He was very approachable and he was very knowledgeable about corporate Law. He inspired me to undertake indepth study of Corporate Law. Mark Kelmanson - "Best teacher of linear algebra and optimisation. Professor Arnold Kettle - "Brilliantly clear and thought-provoking - unlike some lecturers who might as well have told us which critics to consult Dr Evy Kersale - "A very clever and kind man who was always willing to help.

I was fortunate enough to have him as both a lecturer and personal tutor and his contribution to my studies at Leeds will always be remembered and appreciated. Matthew Kieran - "He made me think about art and our relationship to artworks in ways I'd never thought about before. He utilised the philosophical canon without being overly-deferential to it and championed the interdisciplinary potential of philosophy with psychology"Thomas Firth-Jones Philosophy He captured the entire lecture theatre's attention and his passion for his subject rubbed off on everyone.

He definitely ended up making a lasting impression on people. Dr Bethany Klein - "She was always so positive and engaging in her teaching. She supported me with my off the wall dissertation and always showed enthusiasm for it. I really valued her support and sense of humour during a stressful time! Dr Bethany Klein - "Passionate about her research and passing on knowledge. A supportive and encouraging dissertation tutor who was always available for a chat. Dr Jerry Knapp - "I didn't have the best of starts at Leeds, Jerry taught me that University wasn't just about study but about changing the way you view the world and yourself.

Had a great humour and relaxed aura about him. Dr Knapton - "Was very friendly For the first lecture hour in the morning, he established the rule for the latest arriving student to go to MJ and get coffees to all of us in the classroom. Dr Martin Lamb - "Simply a good man. We love you Dr. Though other teachers were equally inspiring.

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David Lamburn - "He patiently listened to ill-informed comments and gently guided one to a clearer understanding of the evidence. Owen Lattimore - "The world's greatest sinologist at that time, a riveting raconteur, tough guy who stood up to Senator McCarthy, Mongolia expert I could go on. Dr Mike Leeder - "He made sedimentary processes really come alive. Professor Robin Le Poidevin - "His lectures were always an inspiration and his tutorials on key philosophical texts in first year were one of the great learning experiences of my time in Leeds.

Professor Trevor Ling - "Inspirational lecturer and a kindly man, determined to get the best out of and for his students.

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Professor Trevor Ling - "A lovely man who was a great teacher. Dick Loxton - "The jokes, and when he threw our tutorial group out of his office. Professor Basil Lythgoe - "His lectures on the identification of taxane structure inspired be to be a Research Chemist.

Patrick Macartney - "His teaching skills, passion and never-ending support throughout my entire degree. He truly helped me reach my full potential! Patrick Macartney - "Pat pretty much single-handedly kept the evening provision for sociology part time courses going back in the day. From the start he believed in me even to the point of using my work as examples to other students. Alasdair MacIntyre - "Brilliant mind, and exciting lecturer. Professor Steven Male - "The way of his addressing and the way he taught.

She gave out a reading list typed on one side of A4 which I would love to refind. Dr Ronald Markillie - "The late Dr Markillie, psychoanalyst and medical man, taught me on the Psychotherapy Diploma course in and his insights have stood me in good stead throughout my career, chiefly in thinking about how people behave in organizations and politics. John Maule - "Truly understood and was passionate about the module he taught management decision making.

Had a unique ability to make the lectures engaging, challenging and interesting, while being personable and deliver with a sense of humour! Stuart McAnulla - "An inspiring personal tutor.

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  • But mostly, his love of vimto. Patrick McCartney - "Pat was inspirational and knowledgeable and had a warm heart. His lively character made him everyone's favourite lecturer. A credit to the Unviersity and missed by all who knew him.


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    Professor John McLeod - "Incredible passion for social and historical contexts in literature, and his ability to give you the skills to translate texts in the widest, most insightful understandings. Sarah Caffyn Zoology Dr "Mystic" Megson - "Old-school and uncompromising yet very understanding of undergraduates and our failings" Richard Garvey Civil Engineering Professor Peter Meredith - "Peter used to teach us medieval drama. A group of us from the WT attended the Camerino mediaeval conference. He sat next to me on a plane when no one else would.

    What else can I say? He was a true inspiration and I felt honoured to be taught by him! Aaron Meskin - "He is a really cool guy, has great taste in music, and specialises in my favourite area of philosophy. Professor John Monaghan - "He is always ready to offer good advice and his approach to research evidence presentation is simple and straightforward. Professor John Monagham - "His ability to manage the student-teacher relationship and his love for the growth of mathematics education through research in Math Educ. His love for student progress as he took time to follow up every move of our coursework and assignments.