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Best jQuery Books

I was looking at what jQuery was and was wondering if you could recommend a good book for a complete beginner? I would like to learn how to use jQuery.

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10 Free jQuery E-Books

So what is jQuery exactly? What can you do with jQuery? Amongst other things, jQuery is great for: Adding animated effects to elements. Making XML Ajax requests. These use JavaScript to request additional data from the Web server without having to reload the page.

Manipulating the DOM. You can easily add, remove, and reorder content in the Web page using just a couple of lines of code.

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Creating image slideshows. You can use jQuery effects to build nice animated slideshows and lightboxes.

Making drop-down menus. I don't know who was responsible for unifying the content, but the book works.

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It hangs together in a logical way, and with few exceptions, it reads well. The content is useful as well; "jQuery in Action" remains arguably the best first book to pick up on jQuery, after first digesting "JavaScript: The Definitive Guide" to understand the underlying language.

Following those titles, "jQuery Cookbook" is the book I'd pick up third and use as a desk-side reference for jQuery problem solving. I do wish that it were easier to find a particular recipe at need, but I can't fault the book's organization; this is a case where searching the electronic version of the book for specific keywords might be the appropriate first step, and perusing the found section in the printed book the best second step.

jQuery Cookbook (Engels) door Cody Lindley, jQuery Community Experts (Boek) -

I recommend having both. By the way, the title of this blog entry is a TV and film reference. For bonus points, view "Madagascar" and find the scene where Sacha Baron Cohen's lemur character says nearly the same thing.