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In this day and age I would like to think that more venues would be making accessibility something to really strive for. Eventually the stars aligned, we had identified a few worthy contenders, and so began the process of narrowing down the options to the best fit in terms of space, access, reasonable proximity to Southbank Centre where the Unlimited Festival will begin on the evening of the 5 September and, crucially, a positive attitude towards access and a track record for putting that attitude into action.

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Eventually, one space clearly stood out as the perfect fit. They have an excellent record for access, customer service and the employment of disabled people — including Usher Plus, a scheme to widen and diversify just who can be an usher, challenging stereotypes and providing vital experiences. I remain committed to cementing her legacy.

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As soon I sat down in my first playwriting workshop with Josefina Lopez , I realized I was getting on a spiritual ship powered by something. As we were taking off and had a moment to think about what was happening, I found myself sitting in a circle, digging now instead of flying.

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Digging for resources on this new planet we had landed on with Josefina, but this time guided by Caridad Svich. This may sound like the premise of a grand adventure, but it was simpler than that. It was my first time experiencing this journey. Others had taken it before, and you could tell whom. Their understanding of art and life were unique and powerful.

She worked with us on dismissing the conscious in which we walk and helped us step into the unconscious in which the education resides. Using a series of rapid and timed writing exercises, she chipped away the logic and allowed us to take the first baby steps in this new universe.

Sadly, time was limited so just when we were becoming comfortable in our new surroundings, it was over.

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But the job was already done, and Josefina did a great job bringing it full circle both figuratively and literally. It was the perfect sequence to digest what many of us had just experienced.

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With patience and insight, she guided us to find the truth we had trouble grasping in this new world. Not only did she aid us in making sense of the realm we had just explored, but ultimately, she led us into the realization of how art and life are the same.

It was a surreal experience which you could tell was shared by everyone as we all sat down to eat dinner. Not the same experience, as many of us did different workshops throughout the day, but something. You could tell through the eyes of those around you, that the spiritual ship had landed and that many of us were being accepted by her teachings, by her spirit. You could feel her words embracing us and showing us the way forward, each one of us becoming a better artist today than we were yesterday.

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She set the piece in I had no idea what to expect. On the other hand, we will present the practical applications of mindfulness in the design of services for users with dementia.

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We will analyse the experience of giving a voice in the research to the affected people and their caregivers. In the afternoon we invite the participants of the Group of Experts by Experience and other interested parties to join a creative meal in which participants can experiment a technology health circuit and participate in a discussion to address their personal experiences with co-design activities and launch ideas and recommendations that help to foster this spirit of collaboration. Symposium Report Will be available here after the event.

Tapas space with Catering Zetallons and Access to circuit of technologies for wellbeing.