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From the Church that until 1.

Is Your Marriage Worth Saving Part 1 - Loved Hope by Lin Winters

And that lesbian sex that the bible never mentioned is safer than heterosexual sex. I agree with everything you said except your point about tone. Did you watch the video?

Dan Savage Points Out the Hypocrisy in the Bible… So Young Journalists Walk Out on Him

Notice the loud cheering and clapping at the end. Most people there agreed strongly with him. You have to be pretty off-base to get moderated here.

More likely a disqus glitch. It happens, I sometimes see things not post or go away. This what you wanted to say? Groups of teenagers use expletives all the time. Really, they do. Yes it is acceptable to tell homophobes that what they believe is bullshit. And I apologize for saying it. And that, right there, is yet another reason I fucking love Dan Savage. This is the way it should be. Depower the word instead of calling and howling to censor it.

It is akin to the words fag, nigger and queer. They used to have negative power, but the minority groups took control of them and depowered them without resorting to censorship. What the hell is wrong with you? Are you that myopic or deluded by your own lack of a fact filter that you try to spin whatever it is to suit your own vile needs?

Here are the first five building blocks of biblical community.

That was to the op, dot Doug! I disagree with your opinion on the swearing. Indeed it may be offensive, but so fucking what? If we can intellectually listen to Penn Jillette, why not this kid? Whats the diff?

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I just happen to disagree in this particular case. Step back and read what you just wrote. I though this site was for people who are rational thinkers. I understand that I topic might strike up some passion, but this is just pure emotional response. Please, name one student that you saw walk away and tell me how they are over-privileged. Name one specific person that you watched in the video and give evidence that you have knowing that they are arrogant.

The burden of proof is now on you since you made the claim right? Good luck. I want proof! This whole thread is ridiculous. Good without God? Explain to me what about this attitude is good in the eyes of society and not just your own personal view. I have never bullied anyone based off of their sexuality or the view of sexuality.

I have friends who are gay. We continued our friendship until he moved away from the small town to a big city, a move that I totally understand. So just because one is a Christian, does not mean that they are into bullying gay people or anyone who supports them. Just like I decide if I am going to cheat on my wife or remain faithful.

The Bible teaches what should be done in each of those cases. The words that are being tossed around on this site under this thread are full of hate.

An open letter to my beloved church

It is simply full of hate and evil. This makes me so sad to read. The speaker had a great opportunity to actually try to open up some minds to a greater audience that he normally would not be able to talk to. So what does he do, he cusses them out. Go back to the posts that were made concerning Dawkins speech about mocking Christians for their beleifs. There was a lot of talk about not respecing Christians not to be confused with not respecting their views.

There was unequivocal, unapologetic insults thrown at several Christian posters. Sadly one that most people do not engage in before a couple of teenagers get together and one ends up pregnant before they are ready to take on that responsibility. By equating the two are you saying that being black is partially due to environmental factors? This is another false equivocation.

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While acting on ones sexual urges is possibly the result of a thought process, the thought process itself is the inevitable result of physiological and chemical processes within specific brain structures the size and composition of which are brought on by genetics. Implying that everybody, as a teenager, should be able to control their libido simply states that you yourself were lucky enough to not have hormones strong enough to overpower your mental faculties or you were an asexual teenager like I was. The main point is that there is strong evidence showing that homosexuality has many genetic and physiological components.

Since there is no way for someone such as you or I to tell whether or not this person is truly gay by birth, the default position is to assume that they are. Until you have solid evidence otherwise, such as a brain scan or DNA sequence, claiming they choose it is a flawed argument. There could be genes or brain structures connected to homosexuality as yet unknown that this person would test positive for. He never said the people who were leaving were pansy-asses, he said they reacted in a pansy-assed way.

Whether or not criticizing a behavior can be considered bullying can be argued either way and it depends on the circumstances. Actually, I think those students just wanted to catch the final episode of House, so they left a little early.

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Complete misunderstanding. Your absolutely right. Bible-thumping Christians were indeed the force behind the Abolitionist movement. That just goes to show how the Bible can be interpreted however you feel. See in it whatever fits your politics. I think that was one of the points Dan was trying to say. Movies with swearing that have lower than a rating of PG tend to get them a lot of complaints, so they relegate movies with swearing among many other criteria to PG or higher.

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Any value placed upon those words is entirely subjective, either positive or negative. I do know that the 2 articles really do not tell me what the evidence is. That still does not tell me that being gay is not a choice. You claim that there is no way to tell if they are born or conditioned with this in their DNA. So why are we defaulting to one belief over another. Christians get accused of filling in the gaps with God as a Creator and are called ignorant and stupid and are not worthy of being respected.

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Why is it any different with what you are claiming. You default to a belief without proof. If I played by the atheist rules, I would now call you names and tell you that I have no respect for you because of your futile beliefs. However I do respect you. I respect you for wanting people to be treated as equals despite their lifestyle.

I respect you for calling out hypocrisy when you see it. If there is nothing wrong with it then why would a parent care if their children watch a movie with swearing in it? You are telling me that there is nothing wrong with it. Society in general says that there is.

Why does God hate me?

Why does a child get in trouble when he swears at school? I must have missed the part in the Bible that actually tells Christians to take up slaves. Funny huh?